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Safety & Care


General Mattress CARE INSTRUCTIONS: back to top

• Carry your mattress flat on its side, this makes it easier to handle and prevents damage.

• Keep your mattress sanitary by using a mattress pad, especially if children use the bed.

• Things to Avoid: Do NOT bend, stand on, jump on, use dry cleaning chemicals on, or allow any liquids on your mattress. Avoid placing a board between your mattress and foundation. Do NOT destroy the product label as it MUST be retained for warranty coverage.

• When you receive your mattress, give it time to air after removing it from the plastic packaging and the new mattress smell will quickly fade. Use a proper bed frame with central support to ensure your warranty remains in effect.

• Don’t flip the mattress. A Sealy mattress has comfort layers on one side. It should however be rotated on occasion to minimise body impressions in the upholstery layers.

• Though spills do happen, try to keep the mattress free of water or other liquids. We recommend using a mattress pad and vacuuming your Sealy mattress to keep it in pristine condition. For stains use a mild soap with cold water and apply lightly. Do not soak the mattress or foundation using any type of dry cleaning fluid as these can damage both the comfort of the bed and the upholstery materials.

Pillows: back to top
OUTER COVER: Remove cover, machine wash in cold water with mild soap, rinse, spin dry normal cycle, tumble dry low heat. DO NOT BLEACH.
FOAM CORE: Spot clean with cold water with mild soap, hand squeeze excess water out, air dry flat. DO NOT BLEACH.

Bases: back to top
Assembly must be done according to user manual. Wrong assembly may lead to the bed frame not functioning properly. The provided screws, parts and tools must be used for assembly.